Managing exams in FlexNow

FlexNow is the online portal for all students of the Engineering departments as well as for Business Studies at the RUB. These students are able to register or deregister from exams. They also can get a table overview of all exams as a PDF-Document.

The Lecturer is able to enter grades and get a list of all students that registerd to his/her exam.


New FlexNow website coming soon

22.09.2021 - Mutlu Özdemir

We are pleased to announce that FlexNow will have a new homepage on 5 October 2021! The URL with which you can reach it will remain the same:

All the functions you are used to on the current FlexNow site will continue to be available to you. In addition, there will be many improvements to the page layout to make it easier to use. The new pages will also be clearer and easier to use on mobile devices.