Login with mobile phone App (TOTP)

Plea­se see the trou­ble­shoo­ting do­cu­ment. You can find it on our home­page:

There, in the box with the button "Login with mobile phone app", click on the button "Instruction manuals" and then, in the text that appears, on the link "Troubleshooting for logging in".

There are two cases to distinguish:
a) A QR code is displayed when you log in.
In this case, your existing ForgeRock account is no longer valid. Please delete the account within your ForgeRock app and scan the QR code which is displayed. This step is described in detail in the document "Login to FlexNow" and there in subchapter 3.D "Only Once: Scan the QR-Code shown in the PC browser with the ForgeRock app".

b) No QR code is displayed.
Please refer to the Troubleshooting document, there in section 2. E "Andere Fehlermeldung oder es geht nicht weiter", and try the solutions given there.

You can find both documents mentioned on our home page:

Further questions

You can log in to FlexNow on all computers on campus that you can use. You can find these computers, for example, in the CIP islands of your faculty or in the university library. See also Locations & Contact persons in the faculties and more links.

If you are a student and have already been exmatriculated by the RUB Registrar’s Office, you can unfortunately no longer access FlexNow. This is because ex-students should not be able to access the RUB systems for as long as they want (due to data security). However, you can continue to use your RUB email account for one year upon request, for further details see The Registrar's Office will exmatriculate you upon your request or a few weeks after the start of the semester if you have not yet transferred your semester fee. If you only need one more data sheet, then you can contact us at FlexNow-RUB-Support (, from your RUB email account).

Currently, the following degree programmes are administered with FlexNow:

(Rest only available in German)

  • Fa­kul­tät für Bau- und Um­welt­in­ge­nieur­wis­sen­schaf­ten:
    • Ba­che­lor + Mas­ter „Bau­in­ge­nieur­we­sen“
    • Ba­che­lor + Mas­ter „Umweltingenieurwesen“ ehemals „Umwelttechnik und Ressourcenmanagement“ (UTRM)
    • Mas­ter „Com­pu­ta­tio­nal En­gi­nee­ring“
    • Master „Subsurface Engineering“
  • Fa­kul­tät für Elek­tro­tech­nik und In­for­ma­ti­ons­tech­nik:
    • Ba­che­lor + Mas­ter „Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik“ (ETIT)
    • Mas­ter „Lasers and Photonics“ (LAP)
  • Fa­kul­tät für Ma­schi­nen­bau:
    • Ba­che­lor + Mas­ter „Maschinenbau“ (MB)
    • Bachelor „Materialwissenschaft“ (MW)
    • Ba­che­lor + Mas­ter „Sales Engineering and Product Management“ (SEPM)
  • Fakultät für Informatik:
    • Ba­che­lor + Mas­ter „Angewandte Informatik“ (AI) ab PO 2009
    • Bachelor Informatik
    • Ba­che­lor + Mas­ter „IT-Sicherheit / Informationstechnik“ (ITS-I)
    • Mas­ter „IT-Sicherheit / Netze und Systeme“ (ITS-N)
  • Fa­kul­tät für Wirt­schafts­wis­sen­schaft:
    • Alle Stu­di­en­gän­ge außer die Ne­ben­fach-Stu­di­en­gän­ge, diese werden durch das ZföB verwaltet

Students of all other degree programmes (e.g. diploma or other examination regulations) can only view their examination results via the examination office.

You can change the address data which is displayed in FlexNow on the "Student's data" page under "Personal data" in eCampus under "Stammdaten/ Adressänderung". After the address change in eCampus, it will take up to two days until these changes are also visible in FlexNow. If you need the change urgently, write an email to us at FlexNow-RUB-Support ( Because we can get your data into the FlexNow system in just one day through a manual action.

If you would like to change any details other than address data, please contact the Registrar's Office.

See the last chapter in our "FlexNow user guide for students". You can find the link to this document here: Click on "For students" on the left (in the main menu of this page), and on the page that appears, in the Instructions section, click on the link at the end.