Technical questions

Login isn’t working

Please first follow the instructions listed below:

  • Close your browser and remove your card
  • Reopen your browser, insert your card, wait untill the light on the card scanner no longer flashes. Now try again to login
  • Check whether your card is still valid

I want to extend the expiration date of my card

The certificate to your employee and ID card loses its validity after three years. Once the certificate expires, you can no longer log onto the FlexNow system. Information regarding extension of the RUBCard can be found:

Once I have logged in I get forwarded to a blank page

This is an issue regarding cookies being denied access. To solve this go into the Firefox setting and allow this cookie:­

My RUBCard is locked/blocked

It is likely that the PIN has been entered incorrectly three times which then locks the account. You can unlock the PIN on your own by using your PUK and the "RUBCard Manager":

If you don't have your PUK any more, please go (with your RUBCard and student ID) to the information desk at the university administration.

I can’t register due to a "SSL" issue

Most likely an error occurred during the installation of the driver. Attempt to reinstall the driver after following the instructions below. Together with the appropriate configuration. If the problem persists, check if your certificates are still valid. In order to do this open your browser, insert the card and navigate to "Firefox/Einstellungen/Erweitert/Zertifikate anzeigen/Ihre Zertifikate". If this date is indeed exceeded, please click the link named "Where can I renew my certificates?" under the navigation bar on the page: There you will find instructions on the extension process and also the link for renewal.

If you receive an SSL_ERROR_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE_ALERT, one reason is that the browser's currently saved website settings are causing this error. The solution then is as follows: Please delete site preferences in your browser. This can be done in Firefox or Chrome as follows: Click Ctrl-Shift-Del at the same time, a dialog will open where you can select the items to delete. From the options, select "Data / site preferences" (in Chrome: cookies and site data). After that, click OK and try logging in again (it is best to close and reopen the entire browser beforehand).

I can’t login on my browser

FlexNow only supports Firefox versions from 3.5 and onwards together with a cryptographic module.

I can’t login even though my card is in the card reader

Due to technical reasons FlexNow only works with RUBCards which were issued on the winter semester of 2009/10 and onwards. Students who received their card in the summer semester of 2009/10 or earlier where therefor asked in 2011 to replace their cards.

There is no RUBCard driver available for my operating system

There is unfortunately no current official driver for a Linux 64bit System. There are however workarounds and specialized solutions which can all be found on the page for the "RUBCard Manager":

I get asked for a master password

During registration, the master-password is the same as the PIN number of your RUBCard:


I have a problem logging into FlexNow with mobile app (using TOTP).

Please see the troubleshooting document. You can find it on our homepage

then on the bottom right the link with the text "b) Troubleshooting for logging in".

Questions about use

Why do I need an auditable data sheet

The testable data sheet is valid without a signature. It could be used for job applications for example. The reader of the sheet can prove its validity with the student ID and password.

Which courses are covered by FlexNow

Currently the following courses are managed by FlexNow:

  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Bachelor + Master Civil Engineering, Bachelor + Master UTRM, Master Computational Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: Bachelor + Master ETIT, Bachelor + Master ITS-I, Master ITS-N
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering: Bachelor + Master MB, Bachelor + Master SEPM
  • Institute for Neuro computer science: Bachelor + Master AI (not examination regulations of 2007)
  • Faculty of Economics: All courses + Minor Courses

Students of all other curses (e.g. diploma or other examination regulations) can view your examination results only via the examination office.

What types of data sheets are there

The data sheet is in German consisting of either all courses, including the ones which you may have failed or only a list of all successful courses. Data sheets which are in English are currently in development.

Where can I register on campus

The computer labs where students can login using the FlexNow system, the computer labs of the faculty of the students. The official sites are as follows:

  • Faculty of Economics (GD 02/224 und 03/212)
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering (IC 03-137, IC 04-137)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (IC 03/150)
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (ID 03/133)
  • University Library (Only the PCs in the Stairwell, do not use the card reader of the keyboard!)