For Students


Those students can use FlexNow who have only been studying in one of the degree programmes managed with FlexNow since the winter semester 2009/2010 (see in the German FAQ under "Wel­che Stu­di­en­gän­ge wer­den mit Flex­Now ver­wal­tet?").

To log in to FlexNow, you as a student need the following, depending on which of the two methods you choose to log in:

First alternative: When logging in with a mobile phone app (possible for all students since mid-2020):

  • Your own RUB login ID and the corresponding password.
  • A specific app on the mobile phone/tablet
  • An account with the corresponding service
  • Activated 2-factor authentication (in RUB Identity Management)

Second alternative: When logging in with RUBCard issued before July 2020:

  • Your own RUBCard and the associated PIN.
  • A prepared internet browser (keyword "cryptography module")

We from FlexNow Support recommend the first alternative because of its greater convenience. In addition, the second alternative will no longer work in the foreseeable future.


Depending on which of the two methods of logging in you choose (either with a mobile phone app or with RUBCard), different steps are required in the preparation. For each of the two methods, we have created a guide showing these steps. You will find the links to these instructions on our homepage. There, please click on the button "Instruction manuals" in the appropriate of the two areas.

After successfully logging into FlexNow, the question arises as to what you as a student can do how in FlexNow. We have created a FlexNow user guide for students.


Please write an email to (or use the other contact options, see Contact Person)

Locations & Contact persons in the faculties

On this page you will find room details and links to the websites of the CIP pools and the examination offices.